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As a part of our Subcontractor Prequalification Program, Spring Valley Construction Company (SVCC) has engaged COMPASS for all our Subcontractor Prequalification requirements.

COMPASS is a highly secure web-based application built to provide subcontractors with the most advanced and efficient way to satisfy multiple General Contractors Prequalification requests by completing a single prequalification form (COMPASS 1Form).

Subcontractor Benefits include

  • COMPASS 1Form: an easy to use and standardized prequal form.  Automatically prefills answers from previous submissions and highlights important data to submit.
  • Subcontractor Focus, designed to support subcontractors with personalized dashboards, feedback and industry analytics all in one place
  • Control Your Data, subcontractors still have full control over their submitted data.  Authorize only the GCs you want to show your sensitive data to.
  • Q Score & Trade Rank: COMPASS provides you an assessment of your company relative to others within your trade.

COMPASS Information

  • COMPASS uses AWS cloud-based software and the highest security measures which are used across companies like NASA, Financial Institutions, and governments.
  • Annual prequalification renewals are required; this means you are required to submit 1Form (Business, Finance and Health & Safety data) updates annually.

To register and complete COMPASS 1Form, please follow the link below and create a new account:

https: //

For additional support, please visit the COMPASS website or call 1-800-689-6819 for COMPASS customer service.

For more information about prequalifying with SVCC, please contact:

Steve Bruszer, President
Brent Archer, Vice President of Operations
Richard Cavnar , Vice President of Pre-Construction