Spring Valley Construction Company’s Pre-Con Services are second-to-none. We do not take our fiduciary responsibility to the owner lightly, therefore SVCC’s cost estimating begins with developing budgets and cost control methods to assure every dollar is responsibly spent on the owner’s behalf. In addition, SVCC will prepare a conceptual budget based on the project requirements that are established during the design phase. Information about the project facility will be combined with cost information from subcontractor input, current supplier pricing and our historical database that is regularly updated with data from on-going projects to assemble a conceptual budget.

Quality Control

For any construction project, QC begins prior to onsite mobilization and continues throughout construction until the final delivery of the project. SVCC’s project teams review all design and construction documents, as well as shop drawings, for possible discrepancies throughout the course of the project. It is because of SVCC’s in-depth review that potential quality control issues are addressed early in the construction project before they become difficult problems to overcome.

Risk Management

SVCC employs a full-time Director of Risk Management who oversees all safety procedures, including OSHA training, weekly subcontractor safety meetings, site-specific safety plans and SVCC mock OSHA inspections. SVCC strives to improve the knowledge of safety regulations and efficient production from all onsite contractors by promoting a positive team attitude toward safety.

General Contractor

Responsible for the overall coordination on construction projects, SVCC works diligently with the project architect and other consultants in order to provide an enjoyable experience for all involved throughout the duration of the project. SVCC also strives to hire the best, most highly skilled and trained subcontractors to complete the scope of work for the owner. Other project responsibilities include, but are not limited to, applying for building permits, securing the jobsite, providing temporary onsite utilities, maintaining schedules and monitoring materials.